All IGCSE Past Papers (Further Coming Soon!!!!) By Hubbak
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14. sWeet ... [sWee]   (09.26.2012 9:47 PM)
does any body know from where we can get may june 2012 papers

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13. Mickelle Powell [kellija1]   (04.29.2012 7:18 PM) E-mail
Model answers required for Physics paper 3 2001 and Chemistry paper 2 2011, Thanks wink

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12. lujain alatabani [lujain]   (12.02.2011 5:16 PM)
nice website but i need Arabic second language can u please add it
thnx sad

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11. maxamed hasan   (11.29.2011 9:37 PM) E-mail
heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo all of the meesha joogae

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10. maxamed hasan   (11.29.2011 9:36 PM) E-mail
cry dry happy hi every body the site is wonderfull and has a fantastice tips, isn't it?

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9. Mahmoud Sayed   (09.09.2011 5:31 PM) E-mail
Guys, u can contact me on my email or, I can give u pastpapers for all the subjects u want starting from 2002 till 2010 atm, and later I will get for u may 2011 !
If any of u will mail me, make the subject of the msg (Past Papers Required !)

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8. Bessonnat   (06.06.2011 0:18 AM) E-mail
does anybody have any paper test IGCSE 2011? Thanks

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7. Andriy Skorbatuyk   (08.02.2010 1:30 AM) E-mail
Ok. Your site is fun. But I want ask:
- can i Write about your site in the pages of the biggest Internet-portal.

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6. [Rain]   (06.13.2010 9:06 AM)
This is a useful net. Great! biggrin

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5. minji kang [minji]   (02.05.2010 8:34 PM)
This is a wonderful web-site!
But.. i need pastpaper for business studies sad
Can anyone add business studies pastpaper with answers as soon as possible? PLEASE..

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4. tamz   (11.27.2009 1:08 PM) E-mail
nice ! but u shud also add more papars. smile

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3. hubbak khan [hubbak]   (05.24.2009 2:33 PM)
hey i m going to add ACCA & Commerce Past papers too as soon as possible

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2. d-bo d-bo [D-boo]   (05.12.2009 4:53 PM)
duude thanks so much for these! i've been looking everywhere for past papers. Keep it up dude. cool

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1. Mohammad Ali Choudhary   (05.05.2009 5:24 PM) E-mail
The site is wonderfull and has a fantastice theme, however the subjects are just of "SCIENCE" and it will be better if u add "COMMERCE" subjects papers like BUSINESS STUDIES


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